The principle of light-emitting, first by the time width of a few picosecond pulsed laser light in the cathode to play a cluster of high-density pulse electrons, linear accelerator will accelerate the pulse electron beam to 300 million electron volts of energy, which is equivalent to Let the electrons pass through the 300 million volts of ultrahigh-voltage electric field. And then another beam of picoseconds or sub-picosecond time width of the strong 50000mw laser pointer (seed laser) irradiation in this high-energy electron beam, the electron beam electrons in the seed laser under the action of the electromagnetic field, according to the wavelength of the laser in the space modulation, This is rich in harmonic components.

laser pointer

Atmospheric chemical substances and water molecules will form a molecular cluster, it is these clusters in the process of adsorption of various pollutants in the atmosphere, grow into larger aerosol particles, and gradually become haze. With the development of highly sensitive single-particle aerosol mass spectrometry and nucleation mechanism, the fine structure of the cluster in atmospheric chemistry can be used to rationalize the formation mechanism of haze, Provide a scientific basis. For example, the rapid development of semiconductor chip technology mainly depends on the burning laser pointer lithography technology, and high-intensity short-wavelength light source is to promote the development of semiconductor devices to the smaller size of the key.

Then, the modulated electron beam continues through a series of periodically changing magnetic fields, i.e., the ripple. According to the principle of electromagnetism, electrons in the periodic magnetic field will be one side at the speed of light forward, while the left and right swing, while forward radiation. The light emitted by the electrons throughout the flight will be superimposed and enhanced, and the light of the electrons themselves is also modulating the distribution of the electrons themselves, thereby making the electrons more radiant. If the intensity of the periodic magnetic field is properly selected, a certain harmonic component in the seed high power laser pointer is rapidly self-excited and saturated as described above, thereby outputting extreme ultraviolet light.

With the development of high-power laser devices, people's output capacity and beam quality requirements are getting higher and higher, but also on the light field measurement put forward new requirements. At present, the direct imaging method can only obtain the intensity distribution of the near and far fields of the beam in a finite fixed plane. The Hartmann sensor can only measure the low-frequency wavefront information, and the precision high-frequency wavefront information can not be obtained. In the process, tripled damage, multi-wavelength effects also make the traditional measurement method stretched. So there is no suitable technology can be on-line with high enough accuracy at the same time measure the strength of high-power 8000mw laser pointer beam and phase, laser beam field full online detection has not been achieved.

The face of a wide variety of TV brands and a wide variety of features, but also to the consumer's choice has brought trouble. Although the larger size of the TV, but the higher the price the higher the screen, but the laser TV to avoid this problem, the price, 100-inch laser TV only the same size LCD TV price of 1/8 to 1 / 10,88 inch products sold The price is only similar to the size of the traditional LCD TV half to 1/3, technically, appliance manufacturers Hisense also released 100-inch ultra-short focus 4K 3500mw laser pointer TV, it is learned that this TV, IMAX theater with the same display program 3D implementation, as well as Fresnel passive bionic screen, no need to wiring the 5.1 professional HI-FI home audio, allowing users to enjoy at home can not be limited by the ambient light 24 hours of eco-theater experience.