Laser printing machine, the use of imported carbon dioxide RF laser, dynamic focus system. Can be engraved on the denim in any pattern, the formation of similar washing effect, while the device can also be compatible with bitmaps, any one jpg picture after a small amount of processing can be used for engraving, compared to the traditional process, the device has processing speed, Processing consistency, and pollution-free features. Marking format adjustable. Through the NC high power laser pointer irradiation, vaporized denim fabric surface dyes, so as to produce a variety of denim fabric will not fade the image pattern, gradient flower, the cat to be frosted and other effects.

red laser pointer

Commercial industrial production of the most basic needs of the laser is high reliability, small size, quiet, easy to manipulate. Fiber lasers with its compact layout, light conversion to obey the high, warm-up time is short, subject to the impact of small factors, maintenance-free and easily with the optical fiber or optical components from the optical system coupling and other advantages by people's respected. Today, fiber lasers are increasingly appearing in laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, 1000mw laser pointer marking machines and other leading positions.

Stainless steel because of its strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, the surface does not fade for a long time, the color with different angles of light will produce color changes and other characteristics, is widely used in decorative engineering industry. For example, in a variety of top clubs, public public leisure places and other places in the decoration of the decoration, used as curtain wall, hall wall, elevator decoration, signs advertising, front screen and other decorative materials. At present, the stainless steel burning laser cutting machine with its beam of good quality, high precision, small slits, smooth cut, flexible cutting arbitrary graphics and other characteristics are widely used in the metal processing industry, decoration engineering industry is no exception, the following we look at Look at the application of stainless steel laser cutting machine in decoration industry.

Air cutting: the advantage is very low processing costs, only need to consider the laser itself and air compressor electricity can be, without the need to produce high auxiliary gas costs, and cutting efficiency in the sheet can match the nitrogen cutting, is a kind of economic And efficient cutting method. But the shortcomings in the cutting surface is also obvious. First of all, the air cutting section will produce the bottom of the burr, 3000mw laser pointer processing products must also go through the deburring and other secondary processing, is not conducive to the entire product production cycle. Second, the air cutting section is easy to black, affecting the quality of the product. Therefore, the laser processing without the need for follow-up can not be reflected, so in the galvanized steel for the processing, many companies are reluctant to choose the way of air cutting.

Nitrogen cutting: the use of nitrogen for high-speed processing, due to the role of nitrogen is different from the combustion of oxygen, but play a protective role, so the cutting section does not produce oxide. Many companies that is fancy this advantage, so the galvanized steel cutting is often the use of nitrogen for processing. But the shortcomings of nitrogen cutting is here: because the 5000mw laser pointer cutting section is completely unprotected, so the product is easy to rust. And in order to prevent the product rust, then had to spray again, the results, more cost to buy back the galvanized sheet, but did not play the characteristics of its galvanized layer, had to say quite a pity.